Aloha and E Komo mai to Kehena Beach Villas

Ocean Front  Vacation Rentals
Big Island of Hawaii


   Kehena Beach Estate is less than a 1 hour drive from Hawaii island's number one attraction:  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Here you can walk through the famous "Thurston Lava Tube."  A few minutes directly south of the entrance to the park you will find a truly unique winery where you can savor the unique wines of the region and purchase from a wide variety of red, white, and dessert wines from vines grown in the unique volcanic soils of the Big Island. 

     The Big Island of Hawaii is also referred to as "The Orchid Isle."  There is a well-known orchid farm en route to the volcano where you can view hundreds of varieties of exotic orchids, including many hybrids found nowhere else in the world.  Many are available for purchase and are approved for transport out of Hawaii.
     If you desire to swim in the ocean but you prefer warmer water and you don't want to risk a shark encounter, then you are in luck.  Ahalanui natural geothermallly heated pond is a mere 15 minute drive directly north on the coast.  A lifeguard is routinely present and there is no admission fee. The water is typically encountered at a temperature in the ninety-some degree Fahrenheit range.  This  marvel of mother nature is situated within an oceanfront cove. It is quite large and it is an absolute necessity to experience it firsthand.  Bring a mask and snorkel and you can snorkel with a variety of fish that wash into the swimming pond directly from the ocean during high tide.   

  If snorkeling is your gig, you will want to visit the tidepools of Kapoho which is a few minutes north of the hot pond. The famed Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii" was filmed in this vicinity. 
     Direct viewing of lava flowing from Kilauea caldera is so spectacular that it should not be missed. One can arrange for a helicopter tour out of Hilo that will transport you directly over the lava fields as well as over Kilauea Caldera with its boiling lava.  Another highly recommended option is to take a boat tour from Pohoiki which is a boat launch that is just a 15 minute drive from Kehena Beach Estate.  The lava has been flowing almost continuously since 2012 into the ocean and the tour boats will transport you along the verdant Puna coast.  The experience of watching the 2000 degree Fahrenheit lava flowing into the ocean is simply other worldly.
     If you wish to experience Hawaiian culture, then you must visit "Uncle Robert's," an enclave of a native Hawaiian family that is fostered to share with all the true sense of "aloha." This oceanside community is a 3 mile drive directly south of Kehena Beach Estate and promotes a large gathering which is open to all several nights a week.  One can enjoy a live open air market place with many samplings of local style cuisine, vegan and organically grown wholesome foods and a live band.  You can learn about local history, including an educational photographic display of the overwhelming power of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano,  whose lava encircled the premises in the early nineties. One can take a short hike over the lava fields from here to view a relatively newly formed black sand beach by lava flow in recent years.

Some of East Hawaii's best multiethnic cuisine can be sampled in Pahoa town, which is a 15 minute drive north of Kehena Beach Estate that is uninterrupted with even a single traffic signal.  One can sample authentic Italian, Mexican, Thai and Pacific Rim cuisine in this historic village.  Hawaii's newest and largest drug store, a natural foods store, modern supermarket, service station, Seven Eleven,  KFC, Burger King, Subway are some of the conveniences that you will encounter.
  If you would like a quick lunch local style, you can drive 3 miles south of Kehena Beach Estate to have a "plate lunch."  This usually consists of a scoop of rice, a scoop of macaroni salad, and a wide choice of entrees that may include seafood or pork, beef, or chicken.  If you must, you can find burgers and fries here as well.
     There are numerous Farmer's Markets where you can sample many seasonal tropical fruits as well as many organically grown foods.
     Kalani Honua Oceanside Ecoresort is slightly over a mile north of Kehena Beach Estate.  This rustic, but well-known mecca for international travelers, is home to many special retreats and offers many Hawaiian cultural events and an excellent opportunity for many types of massage as well as yoga classes.  "Ecstatic Dance" is a routine event open to all on Sunday mornings.  You can generally purchase a meal ticket for a delicious meal that includes a bountiful salad bar that will satisfy both the carnivore as well as the strictest followers of a vegan diet for a reasonable fee.